Leni Paquet Morante | Statement
Works by artist Leni Paquet Morante
Leni Morante, Art, Paintings
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I have interpreted landscape forms ever since my young adulthood, through sculptural, drawn, and painted media, and always felt that the two-dimensional work was about sculpture, and vise versa.

In the 80’s there was a series of bronze and copper sculptures that were virtually “exploding” paintings. In the 90’s I scratched through white oil-stick with graphite, pins, and razors for monochrome drawings that referred to bodies of water and sculptural installations, and I was making ceramic vessels with drawn and sculpted surfaces, some of which utilized water as a sculptural component. The late 90’s was about exploring pure color through stylized animal and botanical imagery with patterned mark making, an exercise which offered me discovery through departure.

My return to paint on canvas in the mid 2010’s spurred a continuation of my earliest and most persistent explorations of landscape, as I seek once again to convey a sense of atmosphere, place, time, and solitude.

– Léni Paquet-Morante, 2017